“Dracula” by Bram Stoker

Dracula” by Abraham “Bram” Stoker is one of the most influential gothic horror novels of all times. Published in 1897, it’s an epistolary novel about vampire Count Dracula’s attempt to move from Transylvania to England and his fight against Professor Abraham Van Helsing Dr. John Seward, Quincey Morris, Lord Arthur Holmwood, Jonathan Harker and his wife Mina Murray.

Dracula invites Harker, an English lawyer, to his castle in Transylvania in order to obtain legal support for a real estate transaction. Harker soon becomes a prisoner in the mansion. While looking for a way out, he discovers the Count’s secret and, after risking his life, he manages to escape from the castle.

Not long afterward, the Russian ship “Demeter”, carrying boxes from Transylvania, runs aground on the shores of Whitby, in England. The crew is missing. Only the captain’s body is found along with his logbook that describes the mysterious disappearence of all the crew members and the presence of a demon on board. A strange animal, similar to a dog, is seen jumping off the ship.

Dracula, now in England, soon tracks down Harker’s fiancée, Mina, and her friend Lucy Westenra. Lucy is his first victim and turns into a vampire. Her friends, Seward and Morris, along with her boyfriend Lord Arthur Holmwood and with Professor Abraham Van Helsing, called in as an expert, have no option but to stake her heart.


In the meantime, Harker comes back to England and joins, with Mina (now his wife), the Van Helsing team to defeat Dracula. But the Count takes revenge against the coalition by attacking Mina and feeding her his blood, in order to be able to control her. But this telepathic connection makes possible for the vampire fighters to track him down and finally kill him, freeing Mina from his curse.

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